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We have been in business since 1994, and have successfully delivered writing, editing, and content strategy to clients on all five continents, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, commercial to non-profit, hard goods to services, B2C to B2B. Our background ranges from print to online, starting with the earliest websites. Our business backgrounds include hands-on experience in automotive, retailing, wholesaling, real estate, book/newspaper/software publishing, technology (hardware and software), advertising, medicine and medical devices, radio/TV, aerospace, banking, financial markets, and construction. All of us have worked for both Fortune 500s and major NGOs.

Writing, Editing, and Content Strategy

Names below are linked to the writers' Linkedin profiles.

Nicholas Carroll has over 25 years experience in writing marketing, successful advertising, and news. He has been a Silicon Valley correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, the Times of London, the Toronto Globe and Mail, and a columnist for Southam syndicate. After parallel 25-year careers in writing and high tech, Nicholas has been managing editor at Hastings Research for several years. He is our lead writer and editor for white papers, position papers, and politically- or market-sensitive messaging, with long experience in realigning expert- or foreign-written material to match organizational objectives. Individual writing website for more detail.

Karen G. Anderson transforms run-of-the-mill business documents into clear, compelling marketing and consumer communications. She performs magic with text for websites, social media, articles, and email campaigns. Karen is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, whose background includes stints on respected newspapers, followed by six years as a lead writer launching Apple iTunes, and 20 years as a writer for a wide range of corporate clients in healthcare, medical technology, education, government, human services, and high tech. Karen works on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications projects. Individual writing website for more detail.

Christian Jutt has been editing, writing, and translating English>Spanish/Spanish>English, as well as transposing between various Spanish dialects for over 25 years. He currently lives in Chile, and has an M.A. in Education from Pacific University, with a Bilingual Specialist Credential in 1989.

Doris Castagno is a publishing professional with enormous experience as an editor and production manager, in projects ranging from quality assurance to the management of large-scale publishing including 200-volume book series, continuing content management programs, and managing operations, vendors, and budgets for departments of up to 100 employees. As a concept-to-delivery professional, she is is familiar with all aspects of publishing from content strategy through editing and meticulous proofreading.

Todd Anthony, as lead technician for Staples stores, hands-on store manager for numerous Radio Shack stores, and an IT consultant for a California-wide bank, has written thousands of pages of how-to documentation for both salespeople and customers, which were widely distributed within the companies. He is highly skilled in describing features and benefits, and more important, linking the two together in readers' minds, either features>benefits for salespeople, or "one-sheeter" printouts for customers – all of which were written after direct customer contact, and then designed, tested, and refined directly on the sales floor. Todd has designed and written instructional material for adult high tech education, teaching those classes with his own material, and has also written extensive website content for PPC ads and advertising landing pages. He is an expert with Google AdWords.

UX and UX Writing

Meghan Ede is a noted strategist in user experience – the skill-set that makes good content understandable and intuitive on websites – as well as a skilled writer. Her UX skills include creating user profiles/personas and organizing focus groups and ethnographic studies. She is a veteran in rapid prototyping, task analysis, cognitive walkthroughs, flowcharting/storyboarding, usability studies, card-sorting, and surveys. Her complementary writing experience include writing diary studies, textbooks, curriculum, and training manuals – as well as "punching up" website copy. She has led UX departments and projects for SAP, Symantec, Sun Micro, Intuit, Oracle, and Paypal.

Where We Work
We primarily serve clients in the U.S. and Canada. We have also been working worldwide for years, and will accommodate clients on any continent as long as we can synchronize workflow and schedules. In this era of email, it is fairly easy to deliver good results to distant clients, with one critical piece of knowledge – the telephone still works, ideally in one-to-one conversations. Where email alone collapses under the weight of confusion and misunderstanding, the combination of email and telephone allow for rapid development and quality work.

We have writers/editors prepared to travel. Workload allowing, we can often temporarily put staff on your site or at specific destinations (conventions, etc.)




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