How We Work

Who would be in charge of our project?

Someone with a minimum of ten years' experience, more commonly twenty years' experience.

What tools do you use?

That depends on your needs. We will use Basecamp, Dropbox, Google Docs, Trello, Skype, or a client's proprietary systems, including content audit software.
    For entirely subcontracted jobs we usually work with what are the professional content industry standards for veterans: MS Word for writing and editing, and MS Excel for flexible content strategy and editorial calendars. (Because almost everyone knows how to use Word and Excel.)
     For clients with rigorous technical procedures: yes, we can all work with VPNs, encryption, FTP transfers, company-owned laptops, or any other specific needs.

Do you travel to clients' sites or for assignments?

Yes. We have writers, editors, and content strategists prepared to travel nationally. Workload allowing, we can often temporarily put staff on your site or at specific destinations (conventions, etc.)

How To Get a Quote
We can work on a fixed contract price, or by the hour.

Ninety percent of our clients know roughly or exactly what they want. If that is you, then please send us a RFQ, RFP, SOW, or MRD – or the material to be worked on – and we will get back to you within 48 business hours with a quote.

If work expands beyond the original scope – e.g., multiple rewrites, extensive revisions, or shifts in project direction – then we bill that time by the hour.



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