• White papers and position papers
       Papers that establish your industry position, brand, value, and eminence.
  • Reports and executive summaries
       Plain-English reports and summaries for busy executives and employees.
  • Case studies
       Researched case studies for either promotion or internal education.
  • Books – company histories, marketing manuals, or executive biographies
  • Ghostwriting – from news releases to books
  • Effective advertising copy, and even more important, effective headlines
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing
       We have been working in user search since before the Web existed, and applying the knowledge to online search and e-commerce since 1996.
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Print production editing (hardcopy book production from manuscript to press)
       Two of our editors have delivered hundreds of printed books from manuscript to press, including series and multiple volumes.
  • Conversion of materials to Federally mandated “plain language" www.plainlanguage.gov
  • Heavy editing
       This goes beyond copyediting (flow, grammar, consistency, fact-checking) to actual involvement in the writing, from bringing out hidden gems in the writing, to suggestions for rewriting or restructuring.
  • Developmental editing
       Diving deeply into the structure of a long or complex work (book or linked website content), preferably at the early development level, and making significant suggestions for restructuring and/or rewriting it. This is one of our most frequent tasks, because many fine writers are not wired to assemble their writing into longer works. (It is sometimes used as a euphemism for ghostwriting, but it more correctly means helping the writer and organization structure their thoughts.)
Social Media
  • Social media audits
       Evaluation of the current effectiveness of your social media strategy and implementation, including comparisons to your competitors..
  • Social media planning
       Creation of practical, effective social media plans that target your audiences and match your capabilities..
  • Blog content
       Our writer collaborates with your subject matter experts to produce polished, compelling blog content — including excerpts for use on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms..
Content Strategy
  • Inventories and audits
       An audit tells almost everything about a company's information systems. An inventory is faster and more economical – and usually nails 90% of the areas needing improvement.
  • Developing content management flow for your organization
       Content management has been in development for several hundred years, as evinced by the immensely refined and complex task of assembling, printing, and delivering a major daily newspaper by 6 a.m. With backgrounds in both journalism and software information systems, we can smooth out many bottlenecks by applying traditional workflow methods to your current software systems, increasing both efficiency and quality while taking hours of work off your employees.
  • Teaching current employees to manage, embrace, and appreciate a smooth flow of content
       Unhappy employees forced to write against their will can become very happy employees when they know what is wanted of them, when it's needed (a deadline) ... and that they will have editoral support.
Education and Training
  • Setup of efficient web site maintenance and expansion by clients, including best tools and procedures
  • Developing both content systems and documentation (technical, how-to, and plain English)
  • Lectures or hands-on training in content strategy



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