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The Penguin, the Press, and the Marketplace:
The viability of Linux as a mainstream operating system, examined from a media and marketing perspective. This paper also listed on LDP mirrors.

Taunting the Gods of Business:
Observations on high-tech startups, and walking the tightrope that divides hype and reality. This is about the hype business models, the real business models, and those businesses that straddle the two worlds. It is about the freedom that hype gives you from the gods’ rules, the rules that constrain real businesses, and the punishment that falls on those who misunderstand their position.

Spinning the Web: The Realities of Online Reputation Management – February 17, 2003
"Online reputation management" is reminiscent of the political term "spin control." However the Internet is not traditional media, and opportunities for controlling one's reputation are quite different – in theory unlimited, but in practice limited by an almost inherent lack of focus, and the countervailing weight of mainstream media.

Deconstructing Knowledge:Content Management Replaces Social Engineering – Oct. 29, 2003
While wisdom is about constant, unchanging truths, both knowledge and information are fluid and many-faceted. Like a rose, they only grow on the vine. Hence the organization that tries to manage content rigidly may fare as badly as the one that ignores content management altogether.



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